How about Tsuwano near Hagi city in Shimane

Traveled in Tsuwano


Tsuwano is the town on the west side of Shimane.
It was one of the famous Onsen towns.

In usual, Japanese got to Tsuwano after going Hagi city in Yamaguchi.

These place is very local area, so you can enjoy to see the country side life!

I went to this town with my friend!

So, I show you and explain about there!


I stayed in Tsuwano


At first, Before coming Tsuwano, we went to Iwami ginzan.

I arrived at night, so we stayed at hotel on the first day.

The hotel I stayed in Tsuwano is good value for money!

This hotel has open since 2023, that's why it is very clean!

The customers can has experiece below

  • feed many koi carps
  • You can play traditional Japanese toys
  • Free drink (green tea whose reaf is got in Tsuwano and so on)
  • Onsen

In the morning, our plan has break first, we ate the local cuisine!
We were enjoyed for the meal!

Tsuwano hotel -----


Walking street in Tsuwano


In the morning, we stayed at hotel (We were very tired 😂)

It was very confortable to stay here.
After check out at 11:00 AM, we went around Tsuwano street
Tsuwano is not huge town and we walked the street from the hotel.

This town is famous for important intangible folk-cultural property(IICP).

The seanory was very traditional and photogenic.

At first, we went to "Saranoki Shointei"

And we ate "Genjimaki".

"Genjimaki" is the Tsuwano sweets.
You can eat freshly maded one.

It was hot at first, but so great taste Anko!





Next we went to walk street on Honmachi dori(本町通り)


This street is main road.

But in Shimane also very local area, so that's why the people living here are getting old,
Then there are not many stores.

But some of stores are good sense!


The sake shop "Furuhashi" is cool.
I think Japanese sakes , Nishomshu , are getting better than before.Especially labels design.

We took rests at Ebiya.
This shop is selling dishes.

There are many nice dishes and they are Japanesse traditinable.

Also, there is rest space.
There are unique tables which are embedded abacus and bottle lids!

My friend came with her child.

The child played with abacus for long time😂

Also, you can drink coffee or tea with cookies if you pay 500 yen.
It is better if you are tired.


Taikodani Inari-jinja Shrine


Aftere leaving the shop, We went to Taikodani Inari-jinja Shrine by friend's car.
It takes olny 5 min.(I think we could go by walk also)

This is the famous place in Tsuwano.

The shrine stands on a hill.
The view from there is so great!

I could see the whole town.
Fresh forest, air and the red color of the shrine are great!

I really recomend you take picture there.


Showa-era toy store

We ate near soba and brack inari near the shrine.
Foods were enjyoing. We could feel local food.

And nere the restaurand, we found toy store "KaAchan"

We are very suprised of toys!
Because we usually like these toys in toys musiam or Showa-era musiamu😳!

I think like these toys in the store might be intresting with collectors.

Also, these toys quite cheap!!
Some toys 30 yen! What happen!?

I bought the driver licence of Perlorian Cats and so on!

Perlorian Cats

We talked with this shop owner.

He said

”I was hoping to make a sale, so I wasn't thinking about profit😆
I'd be happy to be a place for kids to play and they are happy!”

As the saying goes,
the store had many children's toys to play with and attached cartoon characters drawn by children on the wall.
There were also newspaper articles about the city's youth baseball team on display.


The owner was very personable and made us very happy.
My friend's kid played with the owner the whole time lol!


Sanshodo Honten

Sanshodo Honten

Finaly, we went go sweets shop.
We got some souvenirs.

This day was very hot
So, we ate the green tea fravor ice creem.

The ice cream was bitter, but I like green tea, and that ice cream was delicious!


Tsuwano access

access map

You can get infotmation easily!(Official site)

These places I introduce is close to Tsuwano station!
Tsuwano town is not so big, you can be satisfied only 1day!

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