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Harajuku Takeshita St

Harajyuku 1-Day Walking Tour, Tokyo


I go to Harajuku sometimes because My favorite hair salon is in Harajuku lol I went there last week. During the Corona period, there were hardly any people there, but recently the number of foreign tourists has been increasing and people are coming back. (Rather, there were so many people that it was hard to walk lol) I had experience of Harajuku and tell you about there! 1-Day Harajuku Trip   Harajuku, there are many shops here! Ofcorse, You can enjyo half - 1 Day! I reccomend the route of 1 Day plan below 1.Meiji Jingu 2.Takeshita St 3.Tokyu Plaza ...

Hitachi station

Hitachi station :Seishun 18 kippu 1-day trip starting from Tokyo!

2023/9/14    ,

I travel using seishun18 kippu, Because 1 time was left! So I wrote my experience of 1-day trip from Tokyo! What's the Seishun 18 Kippu all about? The Seishun 18 Kippu is like your golden ticket to ride the JR (Japan Railways) on the cheap. With this pass, you can hop on and off any JR line, making it a total game-changer for long-distance trips. It's super affordable, giving you 5 days of unlimited travel vibes. I t's a major hit among students and young peeps, especially during those long summer and winter breaks. Loads of travelers use this pass ...


The easiest way to get seishun 18 kippu. How to purchase by ticket machine at the station?


Do you know Seishun 18kippu? It is the cheapest way to go around in Japan. If you want to see the local area and have a lot of time to travel, I recommend you to get it! Also, you don't need to wait to buy it in line at Midori no Madoguchi. Because You can get by a machine in the station! So I show you how to use and get it! Recap on the Youth 18 Ticket    Usage and sale  term If you want latest information, click here Season 2023 Usage Period Sale Period Spring Mar 1 - ...


Shimonoseki Driving course 1-day trip

2023/9/5    ,

  Hi, today I introduce 1-day driving course! My hometown is Shimonoseki, In this meaning, I can tell you the best driving plan in Shimonoseki! The best route is around the Tunoshima area!   Do you know Tunoshima bridge? This used to be chosen one of the best spot in Japan! I highly reccomend you go there! Also, It is good to see aroud  if you drive. It is hard to get by train, but it is so nice if you can rent a car! Also, it is possible to go everywhere in a day from Shimonoseki station if you ...

Awaodori Koenji

I went to Koenji Awaodori Festival 2023 in Tokyo !

2023/8/30    ,

  I went to Koenji Festival! It was so excited! Today, I tell you how was this festival!   What is Koenji Awaodori? The Koenji Awa Odori is a major Awa dance festival held every year in Koenji, located in the Suginami Ward of Tokyo. The festival started in 1957 and has since grown into a massive event, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. In particular, the festival is a wonderful community event, organized in collaboration with the local shopping district in Koenji. Awa Odori itself originates from Tokushima Prefecture and has a history spanning over 400 years. ...

Akama Jingu

Shimonoseki 1 day trip by public transportation

2023/9/5    ,

I am grew in Shimonoseki! So, I explain to you 1-day trip! If you want to go more local, please check What is Shimonoseki? Welcome to Shimonoseki! This charming port city in Japan offers a perfect blend of history, nature, and gastronomy. With historical landmarks like the Shimonoseki Treaty and the Battle of Dannoura, history enthusiasts will find themselves immersed in Japan's rich past. The breathtaking coastal views of the Kanmon Straits provide a serene escape, and the seafood delights at the vibrant Karato Market are a culinary adventure not to be missed. You can also watch another coast, Kyusyu ...

How about Tsuwano near Hagi city in Shimane

2023/8/1    ,

Traveled in Tsuwano   Tsuwano is the town on the west side of Shimane. It was one of the famous Onsen towns. In usual, Japanese got to Tsuwano after going Hagi city in Yamaguchi. These place is very local area, so you can enjoy to see the country side life! I went to this town with my friend! So, I show you and explain about there!   I stayed in Tsuwano   At first, Before coming Tsuwano, we went to Iwami ginzan. I arrived at night, so we stayed at hotel on the first day. The hotel I stayed in ...

awaodori in musashikoganei

Musashikoganei Awaodori festival 2023 | Tokyo summer festival


Do you know you can watch Awaodotri in Tokyo Do you want to see omaturi? Omaruti is the Japanese festial. The one of famous omarturi is Awaorori! Awaodori, they dance on Tokushima mainly. Greate news! You can watch awaodori in Tokyo You can see Awaodori without going to Tokushima!   How  was Awaodori festival? It was so ensusiasm!! There were some teams and peforming fepending on teams     People looked so enjoyable and some of team had sence of unity. I thought they practiced many time. It was so nice and it was worth seeing!   Wadaiko also very ...

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