Musashikoganei Awaodori festival 2023 | Tokyo summer festival

awaodori in musashikoganei

Do you know you can watch Awaodotri in Tokyo

Do you want to see omaturi?
Omaruti is the Japanese festial.

The one of famous omarturi is Awaorori!

Awaodori, they dance on Tokushima mainly.

Greate news! You can watch awaodori in Tokyo

You can see Awaodori without going to Tokushima!


How  was Awaodori festival?

It was so ensusiasm!!

There were some teams and peforming fepending on teams



People looked so enjoyable and some of team had sence of unity.

I thought they practiced many time.

It was so nice and it was worth seeing!


Wadaiko also very nice!
I really like wadaiko session.
Very powerful and fun to watch.

I reccomend you watch wadaiko also!


Where Awaodori festival was open ?

Musashi koganei is one of quiet residential area.
The park "Koganei park" which is the second biggest park is near.

shinjyuku~musashikoganei  30 minutes *JR chuo line



We can watch other Awaodori festival?


Musashikoganei festival was finished in this year.
But don't worry. You can join other festivals!


You can get the latest information here!

Highly reccomending festival is Kouenji awaodori!
It is very big and you wiil see very nice teams.
The awaodori teams will come from around Japan!
So it is worth to join this!

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