The easiest way to get seishun 18 kippu. How to purchase by ticket machine at the station?




seisyun 18 kippu



Do you know Seishun 18kippu?
It is the cheapest way to go around in Japan.
If you want to see the local area and have a lot of time to travel, I recommend you to get it!

Also, you don't need to wait to buy it in line at Midori no Madoguchi.
Because You can get by a machine in the station!

So I show you how to use and get it!

Recap on the Youth 18 Ticket

Usage and sale  term
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Season 2023Usage PeriodSale Period
SpringMar 1 - Apr 10Feb 20 - Mar 31
SummerJul 20 - Sep 10Jul 1 - Aug 31
WinterDec 10 - Jan 10Dec 1 - Dec 31


- A ticket that offers unlimited rides on JR's local and rapid trains, including special rapid services, throughout Japan.
- Cannot be used for limited express trains.
- Even with a separate express ticket, it's still not valid for express trains.
- Valid for 5 days at a total cost of 12,050 yen.
- Multiple people can use a single ticket.
- It's not priced at 2,410 yen per ticket. It's a set of 5, costing 2,410 yen per use.
- No ticket option for children.
- No age restrictions.
- Freedom to hop on and off as desired.

How to buy Seishun 18 kippu by machine?

Have you ever seen this machine in station?

The machine to sell Seishun 18 kippu is like this.
*It is not usually machine. It can sell Shinkansen ticket.




You should be careful that the buying ways are different depends on the area

Buying process are different, West JR and East JR.

Buying Seishun 18 kippu in East JR

1.Head to the Reserved Seat Ticket Machine(指定席券売機に向かう)
The Seishun 18 Kippu(18きっぷ) is purchased from the same Reserved Seat Ticket Machine(指定席券売機) as you would use for buying Shinkansen(新幹線) or limited express tickets. Use the machine that's surrounded by green wallpaper and is lavender in color.

2.Select "Special Discount Tickets(おトクなきっぷ)"
From the main screen, choose the "Special Discount Tickets(おトクなきっぷ)" option.

3.Choose "Purchase Special Discount Tickets(おトクなきっぷの購入)"
Press the "Purchase Special Discount Tickets(おトクなきっぷの購入)" option.

4.Select "Unlimited Ride Type(乗り放題タイプ)"
Choose the "Unlimited Ride Type(乗り放題タイプ)" option.

5.Choose "Seishun 18 Kippu(青春18きっぷ)"
Select the "Seishun 18 Kippu(青春18きっぷ)" option.

Select the Number of Users (Number of Tickets)(使用人数(枚数)を選択)
Choose the number of users. The concept is one ticket per person, so even if multiple people are sharing the ticket, if you're purchasing for one person, select "1 person(1人)."

Final Confirmation(最終確認)
Ensure that the product name is "Seishun 18 Kippu(青春18きっぷ)" and the number of tickets is "1 sheet(1枚)." Confirm your selection.

Confirm that the purchase amount is "12,050 yen" and proceed with the payment. You can pay using "cash," "IC cards like Suica & PASMO," or "credit cards."

With that, your purchase the 1 sheet with 5 times to ride.


Buying Seishun 18 kippu in West JR


  1. For JR West(JR西日本), use the "Midori no Kiosk(みどりの券売機)" ticket machine for purchasing.
  2. On the Midori no Kiosk(みどりの券売機), select "Tokutoku Ticket(トクトクきっぷ)".
  3. Choose the "Seishun 18 Kippu(青春18きっぷ)" option located on the top left.
  4. Select the number of passengers.
    Choose "1 adult(大人 1名)". Even if 5 people are traveling on the same itinerary, select "1 person(1名)". If you choose "2 people(2名)", it means you're purchasing "2 sets(2セット)" of Seishun 18 Kippu, which equates to 10 days of travel.
  5. A confirmation screen will appear. Check the number of tickets and the amount, and if there are no issues, press "Confirm(確認)".
  6. Choose your payment method. Both "cash(現金)" and "credit card(クレジットカード)" are acceptable payment options.

Have a good trip using Seishun 18 kippu!

I will write the rote I had experience by using Seishun 18 kippu!
So , please check this blog!

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