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Harajyuku 1-Day Walking Tour, Tokyo


Harajuku Takeshita St

I go to Harajuku sometimes because My favorite hair salon is in Harajuku lol

I went there last week.

During the Corona period, there were hardly any people there,
but recently the number of foreign tourists has been increasing and people are coming back.
(Rather, there were so many people that it was hard to walk lol)

I had experience of Harajuku and tell you about there!

1-Day Harajuku Trip


Harajuku, there are many shops here!
Ofcorse, You can enjyo half - 1 Day!

I reccomend the route of 1 Day plan below

1.Meiji Jingu
2.Takeshita St
3.Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku
4.Galaxy harajuku

Meiji Jingu


明治神宮 | 周辺のご案内 | ANAインターコンチネンタルホテル東京


If you get ealy, you better go to the shurine.

Meiji Jingu is open at 5:20AM

Just a step away from the hustle and bustle of Harajuku,
and you feel like you've entered another world. That's Meiji Shrine for you.

As you pass through the massive torii gate,
the urban noise seems like a distant memory,
replaced by the serene ambiance of a sacred forest.

This tranquil space is renowned as the shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken.

My first impression when I visited was,
"Is there really such a vast forest in Harajuku!?"
Walking along the shrine's approach,
you can truly appreciate the luxury of nature amidst the city.

I especially recommend visiting early in the morning. The beauty of the fresh greenery during spring or the autumn leaves is simply breathtaking.

Takeshita St


竹下通り | 東京 原宿 人気スポット - [一休.com]

Takeshita Street: Harajuku's Idol and Crepe Paradise
Takeshita Street in Harajuku is an essential spot if you want to experience Japan's subculture!

Colorful signs, accessories, and trinkets line the street, with a plethora of unique clothing and accessory stores. Additionally, there are tons of manga and anime merchandise available, and events are frequently held!

There's also a vast array of idol merchandise, and lately, I've noticed a lot of photos of KPOP idols!



Moreover, when foreigners visit Harajuku, the number one thing they want to try is crepes!

With so many varieties and stuffed with a plethora of ingredients, choosing can be tough.
Flavors like strawberry cream, chocolate banana, and matcha red bean make the decision hard,
but that's part of the fun. Sharing different flavors with friends is also recommended!

Taking photos with the food samples of crepes displayed in front of the shops is also a great point for IG shots!


Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

Tokyu Plaza

favLife with iPhone

Next up is "Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku."
As you walk along the street, you'll suddenly come across a building that shines in a metallic silver.
It might make you wonder, "What is this?"

Inside, there are fashion stores that seem to be favorites among the Harajuku JK (high school girls).
However, when you go up to the rooftop,
you'll be surprised by the sudden appearance of a garden called "Omohara Forest."


favLife with iPhone

It's a place where you can relax under the dappled sunlight.
Perfect for taking a break when you're tired from walking and want to forget the hustle and bustle of the city!

Galaxy harajuku

galaxy Harajuku&TeamLabo

Located in the heart of Harajuku, "Galaxy Harajuku" is filled with various activities, making you want to stay for 2 or even 3 hours without realizing it!

This facility opened in March 2019 as a showcase for the Galaxy brand. It consists of 6 floors above ground and 1 below, allowing you to experience the world of Galaxy all at once, which is quite charming.

The building itself shines in silver, standing out even in Harajuku. Once inside, you can find spaces where you can try out the latest Galaxy products, collaboration spaces with YouTube, and even collaboration spaces with teamLab. Especially on the 3rd floor, in "Galaxy & teamLab," you can use Galaxy smartphones to explore ancient animals and create your own collection picture book.

Also, on the 2nd floor, there is "My Galaxy" where you can make original mobile accessories and straps, and "harajuku café" with an open terrace. It's also recommended to take a break here between shopping.

For more details,
check from the 37:00 minute on Top of Youtube!


With Harajuku


"WITH HARAJUKU" opened all its stores on June 25, 2020! This new facility is located right across from the new JR Harajuku station building. It has replaced an old, deteriorating building, emerging as a fresh landmark in Harajuku.

The design of the facility offers a space where you can feel the warmth of nature. Inside, there's a new pathway called "WITH HARAJUKU STREET" that connects Harajuku station to Takeshita Street, offering a new route for pedestrians!

Moreover, the facility houses the latest stores of IKEA and UNIQLO, making it an irresistible spot for shopping enthusiasts.

From the terrace on the third floor, you can get a panoramic view of the Meiji Shrine forest, providing a serene spot to relax and forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

When you visit Harajuku, make sure to check out this new hotspot, "WITH HARAJUKU"!


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