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Tokyo Station Hotel : Luxurious accommodation with 100 years of history in Japan


Tokyo station hotel


Luxurious accommodation with 100 years of history directly connected to Tokyo Station.


In the heart of Tokyo's history, there's a quietly standing, beautiful red-brick building. The Marunouchi Station building of Tokyo Station is designated as an important cultural property of the country.

Actually, this place has been turned into a hotel. Depending on the room, you can see the station's ticket gates from the window, offering a unique experience that's out of the ordinary.



ホテルの歴史 | 東京ステーションホテル【公式】

The Tokyo Station Hotel opened over a century ago in 1915. It's famous for being a gathering place for renowned Japanese literary figures like Yasunari Kawabata.

This hotel isn't just a place to stay; it's a living part of history, nurtured by the memories and the passage of time. Tonight, like always, there is a quality stay waiting for you, complete with a luxurious breakfast buffet.




Check-In Experience - The Breath of Tatsuno Kingo's Design in the Red-Brick Entrance

When you step into the entrance of The Tokyo Station Hotel, you are greeted by the red-brick facade of the station building, designed by Tatsuno Kingo. He is a pivotal figure in modern Japanese architecture, and his design for Tokyo Station is a timeless beauty that blends Western neo-baroque style with the spirit of Japanese aesthetics.

Since its opening in 1915, The Tokyo Station Hotel has withstood many historical challenges and preserved its appearance to this day. In 1945, during World War II, the roof was destroyed in an air raid but was later restored. It continues to captivate many travelers to this day.

Tokyo station hotel

The entrance is not just a doorway but a piece of art in its own right. Guests are not just entering a place to stay but are invited into the world of art created by Tatsuno Kingo, which has remained vibrant through the years.


Rooms - with a view of the Tokyo Station ticket gates.

The guest rooms at The Tokyo Station Hotel beautifully combine a classic design that evokes history with the functionality of the modern age.The beds, dressed in modern Western-style linens, are stunning and blend in perfectly with the surroundings.

The shower rooms and amenities are also very luxurious, and when I visited, I was unexpectedly excited by their cleanliness and opulence.

Furthermore, from the windows of the room, you can see the ticket gates of Tokyo Station, and there's a certain sense of superiority in relaxing in your room while casually watching the busy commuters. Haha.

tokyo station hotel

In these rooms, the traditional beauty that has been carried on since the Taisho era is maintained, while also providing the comfort and convenience that today's guests expect at a high level. Staying here, you can forget the daily hustle and bustle and spend some quality time.


The Feast of Breakfast - Japanese and Western Cuisine

Waking up a bit early and taking a stroll around Tokyo Station in the morning allows you to enjoy a very quiet atmosphere, unlike the usual bustling scene.

After some light exercise to work up an appetite, it's recommended to enjoy breakfast at The Tokyo Station Hotel.

Tokyo station hotel break fast

Breakfast in the atrium offers both luxury and tranquility, befitting the start of the day. Not just the exterior beauty, but also the first-class atmosphere inside, lets you embrace a pleasant morning in the unexpected silence of Tokyo Station.

Tokyo station hotel break fast

The ingredients selected by the chefs are all fresh, and their rich flavors are well-known. Noteworthy is the omelet filled with beef stew, which entices guests with its rich taste from the morning. The Western food corner is complete with crispy croissants and homemade jams. The Japanese section offers sashimi and meticulously prepared accompaniments, providing moments that delight both the eyes and the palate.


I ended up eating far more of the various dishes than I could finish, thinking this was why I woke up hungry!

According to reviews on TripAdvisor, the breakfast is rated as one of the best hotel breakfasts people have had, making it one of the most memorable experiences during a stay at The Tokyo Station Hotel.Tokyo station hotel



Marunouchi exit of TOKYO STAITON directly


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Tokyo station hotel
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