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The Legacy and Allure of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo


Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

History of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

 Imagine stepping into the grandeur of a bygone era, where the whispers of history's greats like General Douglas MacArthur, who orchestrated Japan's post-war reconstruction, and celebrated literary figures such as Yasunari Kawabata resonate through the halls. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is not just a hotel; it's a historical archive where every corner tells a story.

As you pass through its majestic gates, you are walking the same paths as these influential figures. It's easy to picture them pondering over critical decisions or penning their next masterpiece while enveloped in the hotel's luxurious embrace. The opulence of the past blends seamlessly with modern comforts, making for an experience that is both nostalgic and contemporary.

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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

- 心の風に吹かれて~for Travelers~

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

心の風に吹かれて~for Travelers~



An Introduction to the Prime Executive Suite

Upon entering the Prime Executive Suite at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, one is immediately enveloped in a sense of profound relief and tranquility. The design, masterminded by the internationally acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma, embodies a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese 'wa' (harmony) and contemporary functional beauty. Kuma's spaces are renowned for their ability to slow down time, offering serenity and respite that seem to wash away the fatigue of travel.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

【宿泊記】ホテル椿山荘東京 - プライムエグゼクティブスイート(庭園ビュー)


Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

【宿泊記】ホテル椿山荘東京 - プライムエグゼクティブスイート(庭園ビュー)

The suite boasts a generously proportioned living area designed with space to breathe and a bedroom that ensures utmost privacy. Every amenity within reflects luxury, promising comfort for all guests throughout their stay.

The Prime Superior King room offers a panoramic view of Tokyo's expansive skyline. Encapsulated in a serene environment, it allows one to fully indulge in the city's night lights or the gentle morning glow, all while being removed from the hustle and bustle below.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

【宿泊記】ホテル椿山荘東京 - プライムエグゼクティブスイート(庭園ビュー)


 A Moment in Japan's Proudly Pristine Gardens

 The gardens of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo are not just about the stunning views; they are repositories of Japan's profound history and seasonal beauty. With centuries of history, these gardens offer visitors a vivid display of nature's transformations through the seasons. They burst into life with cherry blossoms in spring, flourish with verdant greenery in summer, glow with autumn leaves, and are serene in their snowy winter mantle.

Each element in these gardens carries a deep significance. The stones are carefully placed to symbolize the harmony between nature and humanity, offering solace and tranquility to onlookers. The islands floating in the garden's ponds represent the Buddhist concept of the Pure Land, an ethereal realm free from earthly suffering and a symbol of the aspiration for enlightenment.

The placement of trees is also intentional and symbolic. Pines signify longevity and prosperity, while cherry trees represent beauty and the ephemeral nature of life, both of which hold special places in the hearts of the Japanese people. Walking through the garden is a journey that allows one to physically sense these meanings, reflecting on the harmony between Japanese culture and nature.

During the "Tokyo Sea of Clouds" event, these garden elements accentuate the mystical atmosphere. The garden, shrouded in a sea of clouds, offers a surreal experience akin to stepping through a portal into another world.


Food & Restaurant

Breakfast: A Luxurious Start to the Day with an Exquisite Breakfast Menu

The breakfast selection at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo offers an array of options to satisfy international tastes, from a varied international menu to traditional Japanese breakfasts. Dishes made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients not only energize you for the day but also delight the senses upon waking. For instance, the traditional Japanese breakfast might feature perfectly cooked domestic rice accompanied by delicate grilled silver cod marinated in Kyoto-style miso. For those with a health-conscious palate, offerings include homemade granola,seasonal fruits, and acai bowls. These extensive options ensure that guests from any corner of the globe will find a satisfying start to their day.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

【宿泊記】ホテル椿山荘東京 - プライムエグゼクティブスイート(庭園ビュー)


Evening High Tea: An Elegant Respite in a Refined Setting

The evening high tea menu showcases a rotating selection of sweets and savory bites that change with the seasons. Spring might bring cherry blossom-themed desserts, while summer offers refreshing treats with cool mint and zesty lemon. Freshly baked scones topped with berries and cream, petite sandwiches perfect for pairing with tea, and a carefully curated selection of teas provide an exquisite way to wind down the day. The presentation of these dishes is visually stunning, turning the meal itself into an entertaining experience.

Sightseeing in near area

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo transcends the typical lodging experience, offering a retreat into the extraordinary. With its historic gardens, interiors crafted by top designers, refined dining, and premium spa services, a stay here is truly an escape from the mundane. Whether it’s a treat for oneself or a special time with a loved one, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo stands as the perfect setting.

During your stay, the luxury of the hotel is complemented by nearby attractions, all within a 15-minute walk:

  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: A sprawling park showcasing a rich variety of plants throughout the seasons.
  • Waseda University: An institution with historic architecture representing one of Japan's most prestigious universities.
  • Tokyo Dome City: A complex featuring a range of entertainment facilities for all ages.
  • Kagurazaka: An area with a nostalgic atmosphere, characterized by cobblestone alleys and a lineup of exquisite dining options.

Reservation & Access

Closest Train Stations:

  • Edogawabashi Station (Yurakucho Line) – approximately a 10-minute walk
  • Mejiro Station (JR Yamanote Line) – about a 15-minute walk or a short taxi ride

Airport Access:

  • From Narita International Airport: about 60 to 90 minutes by airport limousine bus or approximately 80 minutes by train
  • From Haneda Airport: around 40 to 60 minutes by airport limousine bus or about 50 minutes by train

Bus Access:

  • Multiple bus lines run near the hotel, offering convenient access to various parts of Tokyo.


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